It’s wedding season and if you have been assigned the role of planning your best friends bachelorette party then you better get crack-a-lackin’! This has to be the most amazing and unforgettable girls night out. To help you achieve glory… we have put together the top hen related games, including options for a hen night in and those for a night out on the town – they have been tried and tested and will get the girls giggling and bonding in no time. These cheeky and naughty hen party games are all relatively harmless… but outrageously good fun!

1. Perfect Partners
Before the hen party, ask the groom a number of questions and film his responses. You can choose to do this without the filming, it’s a good game either way but we prefer having a record of this on video! Ask him stuff like, “Where did you go on your first date?” “What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in front of her?” “What article of clothing of hers do you hate?” “When did you first say ‘I love you’?” (how well does he know his nearest and dearest?). In a separate filming session, ask the bride-to-be the same questions and see how well their answers match up. Play the video during the hen party so the whole group of gals can watch – for every correct answer, the whole hen party including the bride-to-be would have to take a sip of their drink and for every wrong answer, the bride alone would have to drink. Either way… the hen ALWAYS drinks!


2. Treasure Hunt
Organise a fun treasure hunt for your hen party crew and have them scavenge for these hidden treasures around the area you’re staying in. You can make the hunt as tame or as scandalous as you wish, just make sure to keep the bachelorette’s best interests in mind. Try and incorporate things that mean something to the bride-to-be, such as items that have to do with her relationship or that remind her of her best friends.


3. Hush-hush Hen
This is a take on the traditional game of Secret Santa… but this time Santa is giving gifts to those who are naughty and not those who are nice! Ask each guest to bring a gift for the bride-to-be… lacy undies, nipple tassels, adult toys… you get the idea – the naughtier the better! Be sure to set the budget beforehand to avoid having anyone feel awkward for spending too much or too little. The hen then has to guess which friend brought which gift and for every time she guesses incorrectly, she would have to take a sip of her drink. Thanks to this game the hen will end up with a great assortment of kinky items for her honeymoon!


4. Miss Behaviour
We all love the classic game of charades… but this one is going to be slightly different. This game is especially useful if the party needs a kick-start and the group do not all know each other. Get your guests to act out funny episodes from the hen’s dating history. Maybe it’s the time she fell face forward in front of a crush or the time she dated THAT guy. Your guests will definitely get a kick out of recreating her dating gaffes and reminiscing over all her Mr. Maybes before meeting her Mr. Right. If the groom’s close friends or family members are there do sure to keep things appropriate as the bride-to-be surely does not want to share too many details about her exes with her future in-laws, but of course you can embarrass her just enough for it to be undamaging.


5. Truth or Dare
Bring back those memories of Spin the Bottle and introduce this game into your bachelorette do! It is quite the hen party tradition to incorporate some challenges and dares to the proceedings that will get the hen blushing ahead of her big night. Before the trip, ask the girls to send you some sweet truths and funny dares, such as, “Do the Macarena while crossing the street” or “Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink” and then create cards for each truth and dare for the girls to hand over to the bachelorette throughout the duration of the party. If she won’t answer a truth or take a dare, then she would have to take a sip of her drink! Get creative and make these cards yourself and decorate them with both funny and cute pictures of the couple. They will make great souvenirs of the holiday for the bride-to-be. The girls can also join in the fun and challenge each other to some of the dares.


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