Hen party accessories are a must at a hen party… everyone knows that! They’re the perfect element to turning a regular girls’ night out into a colourful, glittering spectacle. With so many hen party items out there from hen party boppers and L-plate badges to inflatable items, finding the perfect gifts can be rather overwhelming… but we’ve got you covered. We’ve picked out the top 10 hen party accessories to help you narrow your quest.

1. White Dress

Forget the LBD… it’s all about the LWD for that bride-to-be! We have sussed out the best little white dresses around for your hen to wear on her big night out and will have her feeling like the belle of the ball.

For a nautical-themed party we have chosen these little white ensembles, which adds just the right amount of “sassy sailor” to your look.

lwd-nautical.. lwd-nautical. lwd-nautical

How gorgeous are these dress for a dotty or stripy hen!

lwd-spots&stipes.. lwd-spots&stipes. lwd-spots&stipes

All that glitters is not gold… so how about a sparkling cocktail dress for those ultra-chic brides who want to celebrate in style… and a little bit of bubbly! These dress would work wonders for a vintage-themed party too.

lwd-allthatglitters lwd-allthatglitters. lwd-allthatglitters..

If you’re planning to come to Malta in the summer then you definitely need a cool white sundress, maxi dress or beach dress to compliment that amazing tan. Here are a few that we just love!

lwd-islandfever lwd-islandfever. lwd-islandfever..

2. Tiaras

The bride has to be dressed to the nines on her hen party and a tiara is the perfect article of clothing that will add a bit of bling bling to any of her outfits. This need not only be the pretty, sparkling kind but can be adjusted according to the theme, such as a flower garland or a phallic-encrusted veil!

tiaras tiaras.

3. Tutus

Layers and layers of colourful tulle will definitely help your party stand out from the crowd… be sure to get a tutu just the bride, or for the entire bridal party and walk around Malta in a rainbow of colours! There’s no better way to score some extra attention at the bars than by rocking these tutus.

tutus tutus.

4. Bachelorette Sash

The sash is the staple item for the bride to don at a hen party and will definitely help onlookers to suss her out and wish her luck as the future Mrs. – they may even buy her a drink or two… Cheers!

bachelorettesash bachelorettesash. bachelorettesash..

5. Sunglasses

Personalised sunglasses are a great bachelorette party gift and will definitely add that extra special touch to your hen do! #sunglassesatnightmalta

sunglasses sunglasses.

6. Willy Straws

Before heading out for the night, organise drinking games at your accommodation. It’s a fun opportunity to bond with the girls and play a few hen party games. We love these willy straws and they will make for great group photos!

willystraws willystraws.

7. Wings

After the pre-drinks it’s time to really get the party started! Hand out some fun accessories to keep everyone in the hen party mood. These wings will give you the natural high you need and the energy to dance the night away… just make sure you’ve chosen the best clubbing scenes on the island! Check out Sunglasses at Night for upcoming events in Malta!

wings.. wings. wings

8. Whistles

Get some fun whistles to keep everyone in check all night long and whistle your way through the streets of Malta alerting everyone of your arrival! You can also add a bunch of rules to the whistle blowing, such as, whistle once, everyone must have a shot, whistle twice and no one’s feet must touch the ground. Have these clearly written down on a card just so that they’ve been warned! Other than that, the whistle is a great tool to use when you need to get the bride down from dancing on the table!

whistles whistles.

9. T-Shirts

These personalised tank tops or t-shirts will be a keepsake that the bride and bridal party will always remember! They also make for great gym-gear during those tough workouts counting down to the big day!

tshirts tshirts.

10. Decorations

Are you ready to paint the town pink? Balloons and banners, piñatas as well as confetti and hen party tape can add that extra touch of fun to your bridal shower… they may also come in handy to corner off your area at the club!

decorations decorations.

So whether you want to decorate a bachelorette party venue or dress up the girls in fun and colourful costumes, hen party accessories provide plenty of laughs, even more photo opportunities and if nothing else the group will remain together as you will definitely be easy to spot in a crowd!

Drop us a line for all of your hen party accessory needs!


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