Skills: Fun

Photographer & Videographer

“Wanna be on top?” is what Tyra Banks repeatedly told the camera, during opening theme song of ‘America’s Next Top Model’… We have all dreamt of being on the cover of a magazine… getting all glammed up and photographed by professional photographers. Now, this is your chance to shine and feel like a supermodel… at least for a little while! You will each get the opportunity to have a personal photo session and get some proper shots taken as well as a girlie photo-shoot, where you can all compete against each other for the best pose! If you’re not that into posing for the camera, the photographer could be on-hand throughout the day to make sure that your party will be remembered forever!

Lights, Camera, Action! Apart from having a photographer, how about having a videographer capture all those special and hilarious moments on film? These could be candid shots as well as choreographed… Perhaps you could also shoot your very own music video!

Duration: 1-2 hours

Minimum 2 pax

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