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Transforming your hen party from ordinary to extra-ordinary is so easy and we’re going to tell you just how to do it… so hop onto our creative band wagon and we’ll give you some ideas! A well thought out fancy dress theme will definitely turn a good hen party into an unforgettable one in no time! However, deciding on the theme may be quite tricky, as you would need to accommodate the bride-to-be as well as her guests. Thankfully, we’re here to help and we have listed the first 5 themes from our top 10 hen party themes for you to choose from.

For those luxury hens out there, a glitzy themed hen party would definitely work and she would also love a burlesque or cabaret inspired hen party, for something more stylish how about going for the vintage or nautical hen look. For novelty hens go for something a little more fun and colourful like a neon themed hen party or an island style one, spots & stripes would also do the trick! Whatever you choose, you know the girls are going to be blown away! I mean, who doesn’t love dressing up?

  1. Nautical

Ahoy to all those beach-loving brides out there and welcome aboard the Hen Club! This is your captain speaking and I will be giving you top tips so that you could really work those curves in some horizontal stripes! Getting the nautical hen look is simple and quite fitting when celebrating your bachelorette do in Malta! Try pair your stripes with some gold accessories, such as gold buttons and gold chains… and sex it up a little with some thigh high stockings, silk bows and a captains hat with veil for the bride-to-be, pucker up with some red hot lipstick and you’re set to go! Put your DIY skills to the test and surprise the bride-to-be with some cute nautical themed signs, banners and party favours to help tie your event together. This fun and flirty theme is sure to help you conquer the high seas of the Mediterranean! Check out our TOP 10 HEN PARTY ACCESSORIES for some ideas and contact us now to enquire about a nautical-themed hen party package and we will give you a list of activities to choose from which will fit the theme perfectly! So ladies why not SAILebrate in style… we can guarantee that you will have a whale of a time!

Some Pinspiration

Below are some ideas for you to use…

nautical-ahoy nautical-nailart

Go on and sport some naughty-cal nail art!

and how about this “tying the knot” sash and captains hat with veil!

nautical-sash nautical-hat

Spotted in Nautical

Kim & Khloe Kardashian are all for the sexy sailor outfit…

nautical-kimkardashian nautical-khloekardashian nautical-khloekardashian. nautical-khloekardashian..

Paris Hilton has even been spotted on two separate occasions in a nautical look!

nautical-parishilton nautical-parishilton.

Christina Aguliera looks smoking hot in her raunchy ‘Candyman’ video…

  1. Spots & Stripes

As the title suggests, we’re adding some spots and dots to your stripes and this is going to look fantastic! Get each of your girls to doll up in either stripes or polka dots… or both! Think of lovely pastel prints or colourful bold prints for your outfits and make sure that you are dressed in these patterns from head to toe… down to your itsy bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini! Its girlie, its fun and will go down well with a spot of tea! To add a little edge to this theme try give it a vintage rockabilly touch by wearing a halter dress with sweet-heart neckline or try a striped shirt and high-waisted shorts for a pin-up girl feel… Also make sure that all the hen party decorations fit well with this theme – your best bet, striped and spotted bunting! Check out our TOP 10 HEN PARTY ACCESSORIES for some ideas and contact us now to enquire about a spots & stripes inspired hen party package and we will give you a list of activities to choose from which will fit the theme perfectly!

Some Pinspiration 

Here are some ideas… and some a-listers sporting this do!

spots&stripes spots&stripes.

a rockabilly and pin-up touch…

spots&stripes-rockabilly spots&stripes-pinup

Spotted in Spots & Stripes

Gwen Stefani is definitely a rockabilly princess and Katy Perry is our polka-dotted pin-up girl!

spots&stripes-gwenstefani spots&stripes-katyperry

  1. Neon Glow

Travel back in time to the 1980s for a retro themed hen party! Your hen party chicks will be crazy about this idea and will love dressing up in bright neon colours while dancing to some 80s music. This decade was all about big colour, big hair and big jewellery… think extreme fashion and you’re sorted! Neon leg warmers and super high heels, luminous tutus and lycra pants will work perfectly. Make up should definitely be bold, with plenty of dark eyeliner and mascara, pink blusher and bright lipstick – perhaps you could even go for some glow in the dark make-up. So get your neon glow on and party like it’s 1980! Check out our TOP 10 HEN PARTY ACCESSORIES for some ideas and contact us now to enquire about a spots & stripes inspired hen party package and we will give you a list of activities to choose from which will fit the theme perfectly!

Some Pinspiration

We’ve pinned some ideas to help you out…

neonglow neonglow-outfit.

Luminous tutus… check!


Super high heels in neon… check!

neonglow-outfit.. neonglow-outfit...

Glow in the dark make-up and glow sticks as bracelets… also check!

neonglow... neonglow.. neonglow.

Some Neon Glow party accessories and you’re set to go!

Spotted in Neon

For more inspiration… check out the music videos from the 80s below and Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious” is all about neon magic…

Olivia Newton John, who played the leading role of Sandy in the musical “Grease”, really promoted wearing of leg warmers and mixed colour clothing in this video… – wouldn’t be the 80s without leg warmers and shiny ripped dudes!

Pink shirt, neon hobo gloves and short shorts… these are the ingredients of this 80s music video… also you can’t have an 80s vid without black light!

  1. Island Fever

This is the perfect theme for some fun in the sun! You’re bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on the island of Malta after all, so why not dress the part and get in touch with this sun-kissed paradise! If you want to keep it simple, then go for the cool beach babe look but if you’re feeling a bit more creative then why not dress up in some pirate regalia? Think of a Hawaiian luau and make sure you’ve got your bikinis, straw skirts, flower necklaces and colourful flip flops ready for the festivities and get ready to shake your coconuts! Otherwise try channelling Captain Cook or Captain Black Beard, Captain Pugwash or our all-time favourite Captain Jack Sparrow! Get your girls an eye patch, a captain’s hat and perhaps even a wooden leg… some of the girls could even dress up as mermaids! Now for some treasure… Check out our TOP 10 HEN PARTY ACCESSORIES for some ideas and contact us now to enquire about an island fever inspired hen party package and we will give you a list of activities to choose from which will fit the theme perfectly!

Some Pinspiration

Roaring Pirates…

islandfever-pirates islandfever-cupcakes

Tropical Paradise…

islandfever-cocktails islandfever-hawaiian

Beach Babe…

islandfever-bikini islandfever-beachbabe

Spotted in Island Fever

Check out Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in ‘Fifty First Dates’ and pick up plenty of style tips from this romcom filmed in Hawaii.

At Ashlee Simpsons bridal shower the girls went for a cool beach babe look…

islandfever-ashleesimpson islandfever-ashleesimpson.

Maria Menuenos looks so cute in this tropical island get-up!


Kim K loves playing dress up and Mariah Carey pulls off the mermaid look flawlessly!

islandfever-kimkardashian. islandfever-kimkardashian islandfever-mariahcarey

  1. All That Glitters

Not all that glitters is gold… sometimes its sequins! So how about a Gatsby-inspired, sparkling, glittering feast for those ultra-chic brides who want to celebrate in style… and a little bit of bubbly! This is the perfect theme for a little bit of glitz and glam. Have a look at our TOP 10 HEN PARTY ACCESSORIES for some outfit inspiration and contact us now to enquire about an all that glitters inspired hen party package and we will give you a list of activities to choose from which will fit the theme perfectly!

Some Pinspiration

Glitter and sequins and all things that sparkle… these are a few of our favourite things…

allthatglitters-champagne allthatglitters-dress allthatglitters-quote

For a touch of 20s decadence mixed with glamour and a whole lot of swagger… try a Gatsby look!

The Great Gatsby allthatglitters-gatsby...

allthatglitters-gatsby. allthatglitters-gatsbyallthatglitters-gatsby..

Spotted in All That Glitters

Our Queen B looks dazzling in her golden and sparkling numbers…


Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria are a glittering spectacle!


Stay tuned for Part II of our top 10 hen party themes… until then… have a good one! xoxo


Hen party accessories are a must at a hen party… everyone knows that! They’re the perfect element to turning a regular girls’ night out into a colourful, glittering spectacle. With so many hen party items out there from hen party boppers and L-plate badges to inflatable items, finding the perfect gifts can be rather overwhelming… but we’ve got you covered. We’ve picked out the top 10 hen party accessories to help you narrow your quest.

1. White Dress

Forget the LBD… it’s all about the LWD for that bride-to-be! We have sussed out the best little white dresses around for your hen to wear on her big night out and will have her feeling like the belle of the ball.

For a nautical-themed party we have chosen these little white ensembles, which adds just the right amount of “sassy sailor” to your look.

lwd-nautical.. lwd-nautical. lwd-nautical

How gorgeous are these dress for a dotty or stripy hen!

lwd-spots&stipes.. lwd-spots&stipes. lwd-spots&stipes

All that glitters is not gold… so how about a sparkling cocktail dress for those ultra-chic brides who want to celebrate in style… and a little bit of bubbly! These dress would work wonders for a vintage-themed party too.

lwd-allthatglitters lwd-allthatglitters. lwd-allthatglitters..

If you’re planning to come to Malta in the summer then you definitely need a cool white sundress, maxi dress or beach dress to compliment that amazing tan. Here are a few that we just love!

lwd-islandfever lwd-islandfever. lwd-islandfever..

2. Tiaras

The bride has to be dressed to the nines on her hen party and a tiara is the perfect article of clothing that will add a bit of bling bling to any of her outfits. This need not only be the pretty, sparkling kind but can be adjusted according to the theme, such as a flower garland or a phallic-encrusted veil!

tiaras tiaras.

3. Tutus

Layers and layers of colourful tulle will definitely help your party stand out from the crowd… be sure to get a tutu just the bride, or for the entire bridal party and walk around Malta in a rainbow of colours! There’s no better way to score some extra attention at the bars than by rocking these tutus.

tutus tutus.

4. Bachelorette Sash

The sash is the staple item for the bride to don at a hen party and will definitely help onlookers to suss her out and wish her luck as the future Mrs. – they may even buy her a drink or two… Cheers!

bachelorettesash bachelorettesash. bachelorettesash..

5. Sunglasses

Personalised sunglasses are a great bachelorette party gift and will definitely add that extra special touch to your hen do! #sunglassesatnightmalta

sunglasses sunglasses.

6. Willy Straws

Before heading out for the night, organise drinking games at your accommodation. It’s a fun opportunity to bond with the girls and play a few hen party games. We love these willy straws and they will make for great group photos!

willystraws willystraws.

7. Wings

After the pre-drinks it’s time to really get the party started! Hand out some fun accessories to keep everyone in the hen party mood. These wings will give you the natural high you need and the energy to dance the night away… just make sure you’ve chosen the best clubbing scenes on the island! Check out Sunglasses at Night for upcoming events in Malta!

wings.. wings. wings

8. Whistles

Get some fun whistles to keep everyone in check all night long and whistle your way through the streets of Malta alerting everyone of your arrival! You can also add a bunch of rules to the whistle blowing, such as, whistle once, everyone must have a shot, whistle twice and no one’s feet must touch the ground. Have these clearly written down on a card just so that they’ve been warned! Other than that, the whistle is a great tool to use when you need to get the bride down from dancing on the table!

whistles whistles.

9. T-Shirts

These personalised tank tops or t-shirts will be a keepsake that the bride and bridal party will always remember! They also make for great gym-gear during those tough workouts counting down to the big day!

tshirts tshirts.

10. Decorations

Are you ready to paint the town pink? Balloons and banners, piñatas as well as confetti and hen party tape can add that extra touch of fun to your bridal shower… they may also come in handy to corner off your area at the club!

decorations decorations.

So whether you want to decorate a bachelorette party venue or dress up the girls in fun and colourful costumes, hen party accessories provide plenty of laughs, even more photo opportunities and if nothing else the group will remain together as you will definitely be easy to spot in a crowd!

Drop us a line for all of your hen party accessory needs!


It’s wedding season and if you have been assigned the role of planning your best friends bachelorette party then you better get crack-a-lackin’! This has to be the most amazing and unforgettable girls night out. To help you achieve glory… we have put together the top hen related games, including options for a hen night in and those for a night out on the town – they have been tried and tested and will get the girls giggling and bonding in no time. These cheeky and naughty hen party games are all relatively harmless… but outrageously good fun!

1. Perfect Partners
Before the hen party, ask the groom a number of questions and film his responses. You can choose to do this without the filming, it’s a good game either way but we prefer having a record of this on video! Ask him stuff like, “Where did you go on your first date?” “What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in front of her?” “What article of clothing of hers do you hate?” “When did you first say ‘I love you’?” (how well does he know his nearest and dearest?). In a separate filming session, ask the bride-to-be the same questions and see how well their answers match up. Play the video during the hen party so the whole group of gals can watch – for every correct answer, the whole hen party including the bride-to-be would have to take a sip of their drink and for every wrong answer, the bride alone would have to drink. Either way… the hen ALWAYS drinks!


2. Treasure Hunt
Organise a fun treasure hunt for your hen party crew and have them scavenge for these hidden treasures around the area you’re staying in. You can make the hunt as tame or as scandalous as you wish, just make sure to keep the bachelorette’s best interests in mind. Try and incorporate things that mean something to the bride-to-be, such as items that have to do with her relationship or that remind her of her best friends.


3. Hush-hush Hen
This is a take on the traditional game of Secret Santa… but this time Santa is giving gifts to those who are naughty and not those who are nice! Ask each guest to bring a gift for the bride-to-be… lacy undies, nipple tassels, adult toys… you get the idea – the naughtier the better! Be sure to set the budget beforehand to avoid having anyone feel awkward for spending too much or too little. The hen then has to guess which friend brought which gift and for every time she guesses incorrectly, she would have to take a sip of her drink. Thanks to this game the hen will end up with a great assortment of kinky items for her honeymoon!


4. Miss Behaviour
We all love the classic game of charades… but this one is going to be slightly different. This game is especially useful if the party needs a kick-start and the group do not all know each other. Get your guests to act out funny episodes from the hen’s dating history. Maybe it’s the time she fell face forward in front of a crush or the time she dated THAT guy. Your guests will definitely get a kick out of recreating her dating gaffes and reminiscing over all her Mr. Maybes before meeting her Mr. Right. If the groom’s close friends or family members are there do sure to keep things appropriate as the bride-to-be surely does not want to share too many details about her exes with her future in-laws, but of course you can embarrass her just enough for it to be undamaging.


5. Truth or Dare
Bring back those memories of Spin the Bottle and introduce this game into your bachelorette do! It is quite the hen party tradition to incorporate some challenges and dares to the proceedings that will get the hen blushing ahead of her big night. Before the trip, ask the girls to send you some sweet truths and funny dares, such as, “Do the Macarena while crossing the street” or “Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink” and then create cards for each truth and dare for the girls to hand over to the bachelorette throughout the duration of the party. If she won’t answer a truth or take a dare, then she would have to take a sip of her drink! Get creative and make these cards yourself and decorate them with both funny and cute pictures of the couple. They will make great souvenirs of the holiday for the bride-to-be. The girls can also join in the fun and challenge each other to some of the dares.



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